Meet the Team

Cameron Jeffries

Director, Principal Radiation Safety Consultant

Cameron has experience in radiation safety working in mining, medicine and as a radiation safety regulator. While currently working in the health care industry, he maintains his interest in NORM and mining. He has spent the last 8 years being a FIFO worker who travelled to Sydney for work, instead of away from it.

Our Approach

We are here to help you with all your radiation safety and radiation protection needs. There are almost an unlimited number of applications where radiation is used today to benefit all of us. We are here to provide advice about the protective equipment and procedures needed to help use radiation safely. We can help you with all your radiation safety compliance requirements. We are passionate about providing information and education on radiation and radiation safety.

Our Story

Experience as a radiation safety regulator and practicing in industry highlighted that radiation safety can be a hurdle at times. We saw a space to provide the advice and experience to keep the hurdles as low as reasonably achievable. We also see the need to improve general understanding of radiation and radioactive material in society. There is an opportunity to make radiation safety easier and to support educational initiatives. We are proud supporters of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society

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